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So LonG, and thanks for all the fish.

This week, Juan Carlos Bagnell joins us to give LG a proper sendoff from the mobile business. Juan is a genuine fan of LG and will miss them when they're gone. We get together to talk about what LG has meant to us both personally and professionally, and what comes next. Misery loves company, so join us in this last send-off!

LG is leaving the mobile business but will provide up to three years of updates.

Google is moving Google Chat into a tab in the Gmail app because that's not confusing at all.

ALL parts of an electronic device need to be present, even the non-sexy ones.

Lenovo's new gaming phone is...not...durable.

The Spanish government will allow MWC attendees to travel to Spain despite a ban.

T-Mobile and Samsung are giving away free 5G smartphones to anyone who wants one.

Yahoo Answers: Homepage (Yahoo Answers)

Yahoo Answers shutting down and if you take one look at the home page you'll see why.

Princess Cruise lines is touting its new "as fast as land" internet speed.

Survivor meets Musk.

Pixel 5a confirmed when Google denied that it was canceled.

A new trailer for Loki dropped and it looks awesome.



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