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Smarter Homebrewing with Aaron Walls of BEERMKR

BEERMKR is a connected homebrew kit that allows just about anyone to become a homebrew expert. Homebrewing is a hobby that can have a high barrier of entry. BEERMKR makes it much more simple, and adaptable to any recipe you want to try. Aaron Walls is one of the founders of BEERMKR and comes on to tell us all about it.

Check out Tech Yeah for this week:

Hecate GM5 Earbuds

Twitter bug automatically suspends you if you tweet 'Memphis' (Bleeping computer)

A Twitter bug caused people who tweeted the word "Memphis" to get accounts suspended.

Netflix password-sharing crackdown being tested (CNBC)

Netflix may be testing a password-sharing detection tool. No chill.

Apple pulls the plug on the HomePod (Ars Technica)

Apple discontinued the Homepod. Nobody seemed to notice.

Startup founded by 'Survivor' champ debuts airless bike tires based on NASA rover tech (Tech Crunch

How a metal with a memory will shape our future on Mars (Verge Science)

A new startup called SMART is working with NASA to develop airless, metal tires for bikes.

Google's new Nest Hub uses radar to 'watch' (and improve) your sleep (TNW)

Google integrated Soli into the new Nest Hub to help you sleep, if you can get past the creepy factor.

Former 'I'm a Mac' Actor Justin Long Throws Shade at M1 Apple Silicon in New Intel Ad Campaign (Mac Rumors)

Intel brought in Justin Long to poke fun at Apple.

Samsung Launches New A-Series Handsets, May Skip Note This Year (

Samsung held an unpacked event releasing three new midrange smartphones.

It's bad for Samsung Galaxy, it's even worse for Google Pixel (ZDnet)

A survey looks at brand loyalty and the news is bad for Samsung and worse for Google.

LG Rollable smartphone is one step closer to reality (Tech Radar)

LG's rollable phone got Bluetooth SIG certification so maybe it will exist after all.

Review: 'Zack Snyder's Justice League'

The Snyder Cut of Justice League came out and it's four hours long and just what the hell?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a brief respite in a post-Thanos world

Falcon and the Winter Soldier started this week and it looks pretty cool.

Bill And Ted Take Excellent Adventure In Porsche Taycan

Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves took to the road in Porsche Taycans for a mini road trip

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