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Service - human = apps

For a long time, but especially since the pandemic, our experience partaking in products and services has been taken over by apps and software. From Amazon shopping to skipping the check-in desk at Disney, apps are pushing humans out of the center of the service industry. We're not sure if we're better off for it. So Cliff and Adam are exploring the issue in a very TekBeardian like experience.

Plus we have the Anker Magnetic Desktop Charging Station as our Tech Yeah item of the week.

Google wants to hire someone to make Android tablets good. Good luck!

Ever since Microsoft, Sony seems to have a little acquisition envy…. does the New York Times.

SpaceX is launching a new premium tier for Starlink which gives you double the speed at five times the cost.

Finally, Google is proud of its Pixel sales numbers. Only took six years.

So long ISS. We hardly knew ye.

Spotify isn't pulling Joe Rogan, but it is attaching a disclaimer because that's worked so well thus far.

The Doomsday clock sits at 100 seconds to midnight.

Amazon Prime is going up for the first time in four years.



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