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Science + Science Fiction = Stargate!

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AI and machine learning have given us some of the greatest advancements in tech. But even more important than that, it brought us more new Stargate! Laurence Moroney is the Lead AI Evangelist at Google and he worked with Executive Producer Brad Wright to build an AI model that could create new Stargate scripts by combining the data from 17 seasons of previous Stargate Episodes. It's pretty awesome and we got to talk about it.

Plus, we have another peek behind the curtain with Allison Goldberg talking about another way to make tech news fun.

Turns out the TikTok algorithm is pretty basic.

A company is building a black box for the earth to collect data on all of our bad decisions.

It has been fixed by now, but still, just WTF?

A Pixel being sent in for repair was hijacked and used to get into Google accounts and just yikes.

Instagram rolled out some new tools to help kids on Instagram, just in time for its CEO to testify before Congress. Phew! Close one!

Turn s out Life360's biggest business isn't family safety. It's data. #Capitalism

The Sony Xperia Pro-I is a great phone for professionals and only professionals.

Turns out Wikipedia has a ton of money, so it's probably ok if you don't donate.

The first Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 flagship is here. And by "here" I mean "China".

In case you've got a hankering for Angry Birds on your Legion laptop, Google can hook you up in 2022.

From the Allison Goldberg segment - MIT's Moral Machine

You can help MIT make moral decisions about how many people to kill with autonomous vehicles. Well, you know what I mean.



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