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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review: The $2000 question

This week we have our long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 review. Samsung's folder is an amazing piece of technology that allows a tablet to fold up and slide into your pocket. It's transformative, but is it worth the premium price tag? That's the big question, and we answer it! Plus, Cliff takes a look at the Wyze smartwatch, a $20 smartwatch that punches above its weight class.

Get the Wyze Watch

Apple is getting sued for closing an Apple account with $25,000 of digital purchases.

Your 2020 magic keyboard won't work with your 2021 iPad Pro.

Facebook and Spotify are teaming up to put a music/podcast mini-player in the Facebook Android and iOS apps.

Google is rolling out a new UI for its messaging app for the Samsung Galaxy S21 line of smartphones.

iOS 14.5 is out which allows you to unlock your iPhone with your Apple watch.

5 Years ago, Lyft predicted it would have autonomous cars by now. This week, Lyft sold its autonomous division.

New Amazon Fire 10 tablets with an emphasis on Kids and productivity. But you should just buy the Lenovo Duet (Amazon link).

Microsoft is pushing an update to fix a multi-monitor bug that has plagued me for months.

The Maldives are building a floating city because rich people don't care about rising sea levels.

In its third Unpacked Event in the last four months, Samsung revealed four new laptops.

In our headline of the month, the OnePlus Watch is back on sale.


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