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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 from the inside out featuring Chris Velazco from Engadget

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is one of the biggest devices of the year, so we have one of the biggest bigwigs from one of the biggest tech publications to chat about it. Chris Velazco, Senior Mobile Editor at Engadget is here to tell us all about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, who it's for, and why he put $2000 of his own money into buying one. Plus, it was an insanely busy week - new devices left and right, so come along for the ride!

The CEO of Southwest Airlines think it could take as much as a decade to return to 2019 travel levels.

The update to Android 11 did not go well for many Android Auto users.

Oracle looks to take over TikTok's data in the US which is not going to solve all the problems of the app, but it buys time.

US Customs seized 2,000 pairs of OnePlus buds, saying they violated Apple's trademark. And doubled down on that.

LG announced the LG Wing with a host of YouTubers in tow.

After the announcement of the Wing, LG teased a new slide out screen device, and we're giddy.

Apple announced a few new watches, and a few new iPads. Not iPhones though, so what are you even doing, Apple?

Sony announced its new consoles this week with pre orders that didn't go well.

Sony also announced the Xperia 5 II which is a baller phone for under $1000 but no 5G in the US.

A $300 standalone VR headset? Yes please!

Facebook had more to say about upcoming projects and RIP Rift S

A new Stargate TV series may be coming after all and we're stoked!



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