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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 podcast review: Raising my blood pressure

This week, We're taking a look at three devices I use on a daily basis. These mini-reviews are for two iPad keyboards by Zagg that have officially eclipsed my love for the Brydge Keyboard. These keyboards are both pretty great. Then, we're taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, our latest Samsung acquisition. Is this phone worth three Benjamins? We have our final verdict.

You can buy the tweet, and you'll get a token that says you own it.

Finally, a private school teacher gets the money they deserve.

Tim Bedford of Tech Radar got a chance to go hands-on with Oppo’s rollable phone, and he had some thoughts.

Mark Zuckerberg suggested that one day we'll have full-body photographic avatars in VR.

Verizon is holding back the good stuff for people who want to play more, do more, get more, and most importantly pay much, much more.

T-Mobile is looking pretty good with mid-band 5G, so it's focusing on home internet solutions.

AT&T's analyst call focused more on fiber home internet rather than 5G.

Google is going to let people draw in missing roads on Google maps.

Oppo's latest flagship has a neat microscope camera that can magnify those little brine shrimp that kids grow.

The new ROG phone is a game-playing beast, and it makes phone calls too.

Mobvoi released the Tic Watch Pro S, which is a lot like the Tic Watch Pro 3, but $200 crappier but only $50 cheaper.

Apple is suing a former employee who leaked secret documents to a reporter.

Maximum warp, Mr. Scott!



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