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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: Earning Ultra

This week, I take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. This is Samsung's super-phone, the best of everything, but does it earn that title? There's a lot to look at on this phone. Plus we take a look at NASA's big day, landing Perseverance on the surface of Mars. It's been a really good week.

Canon launched an iPhone app to help you sort your photos.

Now that the crybaby in chief is out of office, it's suddenly a lot less important to ban the platform that made fun of him.

Facebook is really mad at Apple, and Apple really doesn't care.

Lastpass decided to screw over its user base.

Nothing bought Essential's branding for some damn reason.

The first malware designed for Apple's M1 chip surfaced.

ChromsOS now holds the number 2 slot.

Oppo patented a selfie camera that slides from one side of the phone to the other.

A deep look at power outages in Texas. IT's not pretty.

A designer created a bowl-shaped skylight that converts seawater into drinking water and light.



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