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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Podcast Review: All the right moves

This week, we have our full review of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. Samsung keeps all the good parts of the S20 line,but cuts a few corners to help reduce the price to a more fan-friendly $699. But does it cut the right corners? That's what we're going to find out in our full review of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE!

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News of the week:

Microsoft's Next Big Idea for Minecraft: Mandatory Microsoft Accounts (Extreme Tech)

Microsoft is going to make is mandatory for all Minecraft players to have Microsoft accounts.

Facebook won't actually ban players who use more than one headset (Android Central)

Rumor had it that Facebook was going to ban accounts that used two headsets simultaneously. That turned out not to be true.

Deleting Facebook wipes out Oculus purchases (

But what is true is that if you #DeleteFacebook you also lose all your Oculus purchases.

Amazon says users don't own content bought on Prime Video (Apple Insider)

Amazon confirmed in a lawsuit filing that when you buy digital content, you don't own it.

Samsung’s camera business officially joining the bottom feeders (Sammobile)

Samsung is going to start producing Samsung phone cameras which isn't weird. What is weird is that it's doing it for the low end.

T-Mobile expands into live internet TV with new TVision streaming service (Verge)

T-Mobile launched fairly underwhelming TV streaming services that come in three plans: Live, Vibe, and channels.

TCL 10 5G UW review: the first budget-friendly phone with 5G (Verge)

TLC launched the TCL 10 5G this week bringing a $400 mmWave phone to Verizon.

LG K92 5G debuts as affordable 5G smartphone with unusual design (Phone Arena)

LG countered with the launch of the LG K92 which is now AT&T's midrange 5G phone.

Apple steps up effort to build Google search alternative (CNBC)

Apple seems to be working on its own search tools, possibly moving Google out.

Netflix prices are being increased in the US today, standard plan jumps to $14 (Verge)

Netflix is raising its prices in the middle of a pandemic. Yeah, that's probably a good idea.

Why did Amazon’s brand-new Motorola Razr phones have a fingerprint warning? (Verge)

Amazon is opening and reboxing brand new Moto RAZRs so they can close the screen before shipping.

Huawei could be in for major relief as US reportedly reinstates chip sales (Android Authority)

Huawei got some good news this week from the US Government.

SpaceX Starlink service priced at $99 a month, public beta test begins (CNBC)

Starlink's "Better than Nothing" beta launched, priced at $99 per month with a $499 equipment charge.

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