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Rise up with Rise Gardens featuring CEO Hank Adams

Rise Gardens is an indoor, connected hydroponic garden. It allows you to grow your own fruits and veggies inside even during the hottest summer or the harshest winter. Adam sits down with Hank Adams, CEO of Rise to talk about using the garden and what problems it solves. Plus, as a bonus, Hank used to be CEO of the company that drew the "magic yellow line" across the line of scrimmage in football, introducing AR to the mainstream.

Amazon added a new feature to Fire TV device that 2was previously only available via browser.

Black Window landed 80 million dollars in its opening weekend and another 60 million via Dsiney Plus.

Loki finished its run this week.

Android 12 will allow you to start playing a game while it downloads.

Right to Repair found a new ally in the Wihte House.

An upcoming Tesla hatchback is exciting, mostly for the price and the features it will carry.

Tesla quoted $16,000 for a repair that cost an independent shop $700. Speaking of right to repair...

Apple's weather app will not display the number 69 in iOS 14.

The Apple Tax is alive and well in accessories.

Buh Bye Fleets.

Advertisers are freaking out over Apple's new privacy policy.

Netflix is adding games in the near future.



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