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Revving things up with Refraction AI

This week, we sit down with Luke Schneider, CEO of Refraction AI, a robotics company out of Ann Arbor, Michigan who brings a unique take to the last-mile delivery of goods. REV-1 is their autonomous robot delivery bot that brings food from restaurants and grocery stores through rain, snow, sleet, and hail to your home. It's a fascinating talk with a neat company.

We also look at the Skunk Works' latest project dubbed "Speedracer" and the book "Skunk Works" by the former director of the division, Ben Rich.

Apple took the top spot in smartphone shipments Q4 2020 for the first time since 2016.

Samsung leads the way in Android, and now it leads the way in updates too.

Sony's new VR headset will have improved optics, and a single cord, but not in 2021, so really, what's the point?

Pig controlling a joystick with their snouts is just as cute as you think it is.

Lenovo unveiled its newer generation of X, T, P, and L series laptops this week.

TCL's latest folding phone concept that leaked this week in an online video looks to be a productivity machine!

Samsung is allowing people to try its folding smartphones for up to 100 days in a new program.

Apple and Google's COVID contact tracing app failed miserably due to a predictable reason.

Here's a trio of stories about the Perseverance Rover, a.k.a. Percy.

Superfollows will be a paywall for superfans of twitter creators.

A gentleman in Missouri details a real-life incident where the Google Pixel's crash detection m



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