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Return of Arobodude Featuring Ian Berstein of Misty Robotics

Star Wars and robots go together hand in hand, so it's appropriate that Ian Bernstein, Co-founder of Misty Robotics has experience with both. Ian and I discuss his history from Sphero to BB-8 to Misty II, a versatile little robot who can do basically anything you program it to do, including screen you for COVID-19 in the most adorable way possible. Plus, I share some thoughts on the Surface Duo and wonder if we're making the right comparisons these days.

Personal news: I joined an astronomy club!

Amazon is reportedly exploring using abandoned mall anchor stores to build fulfillment centers in its quest to take over everything.

Apple is being a dick to a tiny little startup who has the audacity to use a piece of fruit as its logo.

A couple of months ago, kids on TikTok embarrassed Trump and now he wants to ban it. Shocking.

But it turns out, there might be good reason to ban it.

A tiny survey says Microsoft employees don't want Microsoft to buy TikTok

Qualcomm proved that its monopoly is definitely not a monopoly and investors liked that.

Uber and Lyft drivers may have gained more rights in the state of California...

...but Uber had a hissy fit when it found out it would have to treat its drivers like actual human beings.

Motorola teased a new version of the RAZR for September 9th.

Microsoft's Dual-screen Android phone costs $1399 and you probably shouldn't buy it.

Fortnite's maker sues Apple and Google after the game was removed from both app stores (CNN) Fortnite tried to end run around Google and Apple's App store policies, got kicked off both stores, and now is suing both of them.


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