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Pixel 6 Hands-on Live and in-person with Clifton M. Thomas

Happy Halloween! This is our spooky Halloween show, or at least as spooky as things get around here. I started off the week hanging out in person with Co-producer Cliff and we did a live stream on the YouTube channel talking about the Pixel 6 and a lot of other stuff. I cut out the "other stuff" in this edited interview (the full version is on Patreon and YouTube).

Plus we take a look at a Lenovo tablet with a trick hidden up its sleeve.

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When you want to know how powerful a computer processor is, Anandtech is basically the only source to go to.

Sony's got a new phone camera with a 1" sensor and a very large price tag. But it's kinda worth it?

Bezos isn't happy just thrusting his space dick not the sky anymore. Now he wants to live there.

Android seems to understand that Android tablets and foldables are a thing now, and it dropping an update for large screens.

Palm launched a new set of earbuds this week. About the only thing they have going for them is the name of the box.

Dune was released this week, but it won't be a lonely movie for long. WB announced a green light on the sequel.

Facebook changed its name to Meta but you can call a sack of crap a rose, and it still stinks.

Instagram is rolling out a new feature allowing anyone to put an external link in their stories.

Apple makes a billion dollars every day. The Benefit of the Doud podcast does not.

My review of the Google Pixel 6 dropped on Lifewire. The live stream covers some, but read this link for my full thoughts.



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