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Pixel 4a Podcast review: Unremarkable Excellence

This week is our full review of the Pixel 4a. It's an excellent, inexpensive little guy that still confuses me to this day. Why do I love this phone? Join me as I explore that question in our full review. Plus, we do a review roundup of the Microsoft Surface Duo, or should we say the Du-no! Hilarious, we know.

Surface Duo reviews:

Verge: Microsoft Surface Duo review: double troubles

Wall Street Journal: Microsoft Surface Duo Review: When Two Screens Are Better—and Worse | WSJ

Mr. Mobile: Surface Duo Review: Double Trouble

Airline Pilots Could Fill in as Drone Operators

The aviation industry is facing it's largest downturn in history, and there's no quick road to recovery anticipated.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S release date and price finally revealed

Microsoft outed price and specifications for its upcoming gaming systems.

Turning it up to Android 11

Google released the official Android 11 update this week.

This dongle enables wireless Android Auto on wired head units

If you've ever wanted to run Android Auto on your phone wirelessly, this device will help you do that.

CarDroid Car PC, Android Auto Dongle Mini PC Stick

This device will put a fully functional Android 9 on your car's Android auto head unit...if you actually want that.

Apple to Hold Sept. 15 Online Launch Event to Reveal New Watch

Apple will hold a live event next week to unveil a new Apple watch and iPads.

Apple Says Epic Games Threatens the iOS Ecosystem


Epic Games CEO warns Apple's ban could be a 'death sentence' for his company

More Drama

Harmony OS 2.0 announced: Will debut on smartphones next year

Huawei's new operating system get's a 2.0 and will come on smartphones next year.

China would rather see TikTok US close than a forced sale

China would rather just shut down TikTok in the US than sell it.

Motorola Razr 5G: Everything to know about Moto's new foldable phone

And Motorola released the Moto RAZR 5G this weel with a better build, lower price and zero carrier exclusivity.

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