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OnePlus Nord N20 Podcast review: Where's the OnePlus? Featuring Myriam Joire!

The OnePlus Nord N20 is the latest midrange phone to hit the US market, exclusive to T-Mobile no less. This phone makes a lot of compromises, but different compromises than its predecessors, making the Nord line even more confusing to follow. That's why I have Myriam Joire on to talk about the phone and all the different variants that have come before. How does the OnePlus Nord N20 stand up? You'll find out on the show!

Facebook (FB) Pulls the Plug on Podcast Business After a Year (Bloomberg)

No more podcasts for your racist uncles.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Re-Banned From Twitter 3 Hours After Return (Business Insider)

Yes, I'm dunking, but not why you think I am.

T-Mobile will now let you test drive its home internet for free (Verge)

Some good nuggets came out of the latest Uncarrier event.

Google, Apple, and Microsoft are working together to deploy passwordless sign-in (Android Authority)

The password's days may be numbered.

Despite the Epic v. Apple battle, Fortnite is officially back on the iPhone (Ars Technica)

It's a workaround, but it works.

Another Fitbit lawsuit. Pixel Watch can't get here fast enough (Digital Trends)

Fitbits are not doing too well these days.

The Wikimedia Foundation won't accept crypto donations anymore (Engadget)

No tax-deductible bitcoin for you.

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