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OnePlus 9 Pro review: Shaking off the past

This week, we have our OnePlus 9 Pro review, thanks very much to the fine folks at Android Central. OnePlus has a history of great hardware with not-so-great cameras. Now, OnePlus has partnered with Hasselblad to try and rectify their camera woes. Is it enough? You'll find out in our full review on the OnePlus 9 Pro.

Google Photos' free unlimited storage ends tomorrow (Yahoo Finance)

Google Photos is losing tis best feature, but I'm sticking with it.

Court docs: Google made it harder for Android users to find privacy settings (Android Authority)

Google's concern about privacy is apparently...recent.

Mars: Nasa's Perseverance rover's first 100 days in pictures (BBC News)

100 sols on Mars in photos.

Autonomous drone attacked soldiers in Libya all on its own (CNet)

This is just messed up.

Trump ends blog after 29 days, infuriated by measly readership (Washington Post)

The former PResident started a blog, then he killed it 29 days later.

HBO Max ad-supported tier finally launches: What to know (SlashGear)

HBOMax now offers an ad-supported tier.

Huawei's first Harmony OS tablets have a very familiar interface (Android Authority)

Huawei released its first HarmonyOS tablet. It looks and acts a lot like an iPad, but with less apps.

Huawei Watch 3 review: Crown prince (Android Central)

Huawei also released a watch with HarmonyOS and it's quite attractive

Lyft's New Bike-Share Ebike: Test Ride, Specs, Details (WIRED)

Lyft has a new ebike coming to San Francisco

Twitter is once again taking your requests for a blue verification badge (The Verge)

Twitter is taking applications for verification, and BTW: I'm now verified.

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