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Never call it Dub Dub featuring Rene Ritchie (who definitely calls it Dub Dub)

This week, we're sitting down with Rene Ritchie to talk about WWDC, Apple's annual developer's conference. Apple unveiled a lot at the show including hardware and updates for all of its operating systems. Which one was Rene's favorite? When is his new Macbook arriving? Find out everything right here!

How Apple taught its users to hate Android through subtle design cues (Medium)

Apple hates Android. That's really the story here.

Bluetooth SIG unveils Auracast, a way for you to share audio to many devices (Android Authority)

Basically, it's Bluetooth radio.

Twitter reportedly will give Musk the full “firehose” of user data he demanded (Ars Technica)

Here Elon. Here's a spreadsheet for 500 million tweets from yesterday. Good luck.

Mark your calendars, the Nothing phone (1) launches July 12 (XDA)

Nothing announced that they would announce a phone later.

ZTE Axon 40 Ultra Review: Fantastic at everything, except selfies (XDA)

Great phone unless you like selfies.

'Ms. Marvel' on Disney Plus Is the Muslim Representation I've Been Waiting For (CNET)

Ms. Marvel is out now and it does really great things.

Remarkable Drug Trial Ends With All 18 Patients Cancer-Free (

18 patients treated. 18 patients cured.

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