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NASA Kennedy Space Center review - Is NASA's spaceport museum worth it?

This week Cliff and Adam take a look at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. This is the place where NASA, SpaceX, and more launch rockets into space. It's also a museum dedicated to the space program, its development, how the space vehicles were built, the astronauts and engineers involved, and more. Adam spent a day there during his vacation and came away quite impressed, but is it worth the cost of admission?

Plus Vyyyper is back to talk about what kind of gear you need to get started in this industry. His answer may surprise you.

Google made a very bad marketing decision a couple of years ago.

Lots of neat physics are involved with this. Get ready for some gorgeous photos!

SlashGear breaks it all down. We have our favorite. What's yours?

A 19-year-old created a bot to track Elon Musk's jet. Musk asked him to shut it down.

Huawei launched two phones with no Google and no 5G. Good luck.

Use your iPhone as a POS terminal accepting NFC payments? Yes, please!

Only took two years…Thanks, Apple.

There was really no contest here.

The little black dots on your windshield are called frits, and they have a specific purpose.



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