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Moto Edge+ review: Cut-rate flagship

Motorola returns to the flagship space with the Moto Edge+ 2022 and Cliff has our full review. The Moto Edge+ combines quality insides with not-so-quality outsides, a great camera, awesome software, and solid battery life in a package that is priced right. Moto still struggles with typical issues like software updates, cheap build quality, and Verizon exclusivity (kinda) but overall we came away impressed.

We also have a short Tech Yeah segment with the Lenovo Q24i monitor.

Apple Watch's exciting feature road map is stacked (Digital Trends)

Apple has a lot of plan for the best wearable you can buy (if you have an iPhone).

CNN+ will shut down at the end of April (CNN)

CNN+ shut down after 22 days.

The Playdate is a better gaming handheld than the Switch (Digital Trends)

I really want to get my hands on the Playdate. Giovanni Colantonio has the review.

OnePlus Nord N20 5G heads exclusively to T-Mobile on April 28 (Digital Trends)

OnePlus's latest midrange phone is coming exclusively to T-Mobile.

Motorola adds 5G to its Moto G series of phones (Digital Trends)

Moto added two new midrange options (with 5G) to its G series.

(1) 'Shooting Shaina's Sequence' BTS of Ep. 3 | Kidding | Season 1 (YouTube)

A look behind the scenes of a single shot in the TV series Kidding. It's insane.

Netflix announces ad-supported plans after losing 200,000 subscribers (Android Authority)

Netflix needs to change some things.

A former Foxconn executive tries to explain what went wrong in Wisconsin (Verge)

That crap with Foxconn in Wisconsin just. Never. Ends.

Get Ready for a Decade of Uranus Jokes (Wired)

Time to probe Uranus.

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