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Moto Edge 2021 Podcast review: Punching below its weight class

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This week, we talk to co-producer Cliff about the Moto Edge 2021. He's been using the phone for some time and he's ready to share some thoughts. Find out if Moto's latest flagship is for you. Also, we take a look at the iPhone 14 rumors that came out this week and judge whether they're likely to happen or not.

Motorola has demonstrated a long-range wireless charging mechanism.

Lenovo rebooted the Duet tablet with a larger OLED screen and a higher price tag.

Lenovo also released a new high-end Android tablet that's definitely not an iPad Pro clone.

Lenovo also released a new app called Project Unity which allows you to turn your Lenovo tablet into a second monitor.

Germany is going a bit cray-cray with its demands on smartphone makers.

Australian publishers will be held liable for comments attached to social media shares. Yikes.

Apple must allow other payment systems, but that's basically it.

Amazon released two lines of TVs that are soon to come and fairly cheap as well.0

TCL has an $800 phone in the works but scrapped it since it can't really compete...yet.

Star Trek Day is apparently a thing and it yielded many new fun upcoming things for Star Trek.

Jon Prosser released a render/leak of the iPhone 14 and...I'm not so sure...


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