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Mobile World Congress from afar

Cliff and Adam discuss their favorite headlines coming out of MWC. The Lenovo Thinkpad goes mobile, insane 240W charging is coming, OxygenOS is sticking around, Mediatek has some new hardware, Poco's got some awesome hardware coming, and TCL is showing off some neat foldables…again…still…whatever.

Plus we have a kinda-sorta tech yeah in the form of the Satechi USB-C Hybrid Multiport Adapter and Western Digital 500GB WD Blue 3D NAND Internal PC SSD.

News stories from MWC


Lenovo Thinkpads are going mobile with the Snapdragon 8cx processor.

MediaTek's got some new high-powered silicon coming.

4,500 mAh. 0-100%. Ten minutes. Jeez.

Poco's got some high-powered hardware coming down the pipe.

Other news:

OxygenOS will remain separate for the foreseeable future.

TCL showed off foldables at MWC, but is the look-but-no-touch routine getting old?

AT&T is shutting down its 3G network with some unforeseen consequences for our four-wheeled friends.

Jack Sweeney is back with a new jet-following account.

Elon Musk switched on Starlink in Ukraine and his first customer is already online.

Google shut off traffic reports in Ukraine in response to the war.

More sanctions are coming toward Russia, but this time from Apple.

Steve Wozniak wants to track space junk and try to alleviate the problem.

A luxury car with a built-in drone. Sure, why not?

Apple has a new event coming next week, and no we won't be seeing VR goggles.

Your Fitbit Ionic might burn you. You should send it back.

Rivian made a mistake and in an uncharacteristic move, reversed it.


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