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Microsoft Windows 11 turns it up to...11

(Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 this week and it's the first time Adam has been excited about a Microsoft event. Microsoft really brought the sexy to Windows 11, including a new layout, new features, and Android apps, whaaaat? It was a jam-packed show, and Adam gives you his take. Also, Adam takes a look at the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro in a tech yeah/mini-review segment.

Char-broiled living in Texas these days, but at least they're independent...

Ingenuity, the Mars helicopter is kicking up dust on the red planet in unusual ways, and scientists just got a lot busier.

Another week, another Clubhouse clone.

Sundar Pichai, is drawing a lot of criticism from within the ranks of Google.

Peloton is forcing owners to subscribe to their service to use their treadmills.

Sony announced the Xperia ! mark iii earlier this year and now we have pricing and preorder dates.

The FAA has gone full reverse Oprah. EVERYONE NEEDS A LICENSE!!!

Lenovo dropped a few laptops and chromebooks, but by far the most notable is the Thinkpad X1 Extreme.

Apple released a 16 page whitepaper this week detailing exactly why it won't allow sideloading apps.

A report came out of the BBC of an Amazon warehouse in England that over 130,000 products stored in the fulfillment center were marked for destruction in a week.

John Macafee was found dead in a Spanish prison this week just hours after his extradition to the United States was approved.

And finally, scientists have invented a straw that can supposedly cure hiccups.



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