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Lumias Lost! The world of digital imaging with Steve Litchfield

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

This week, we sit down with fellow journalist and digital imaging expert Steve Litchfield. Steve has been working in this space since the 1990's is a treasure trove of information about smartphones, and the cameras that adorn them. We talk about Nokia, the Lumia 1020, night mode and more!

The prime place. to catch all of Steve Litchfield's work is at his website.

NBC launched its new Peacock streaming service on Wednesday, and heads up Android users - you can get premium for free for three months!

NEOWISE is one of the brightest comets you'll see in the sky, and you can see it in the sky tonight.

SiriusXM wants to get in the podcasting game now, buying Stitcher for $325 million.

Google let slip the Pixel 4a on the Google store of all places. A render appeared on the Google store briefly before being removed. So close.

Fast Food chain White Castle is looking at perhaps using robots to man the gridle in the not too distant future.

Mythbusters Star Grant Imahara passed away this week and it gave us all the sadz.

Zoom is making a $600 touchscreen Zoom tablet for some damn reason.

Hackers took over the accounts of multiple prominent people and brands on twitter to post a bitcoin scam.

T-Mobile had another Uncarrier Event where it featured a beefed up scam blocker and proxy phone numbers for customers for free.

Gamers rejoice! Microsoft's Project XCloud is coming to game pass in September for no additional cost.

Henry Cavill built a gaming PC and made an amazing video of himself doing it.



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