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LG Wing Podcast review: A Wing and an Answered Prayer

This week we have a weird show for you. First, Adam and his 10-year old daughter sat down and interviewed the jolly old soul, Santa Claus. Find out how you can schedule an appointment with old St. Nick at Plus, it's our high-anticipated LG Wing 5G full review. How does this rotating wonder fare in the world of smartphones?

This podcast episode is sponsored by Podcorn. Popcorn is a meeting place for podcasters and sponsors to meet and help each other out! Visit for more info!

Monolith timeline: Appearances, disappearances around the world (USA Today)

USA Today is keeping up with all the new monoliths so we don't have to.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is starting a second company, Efforce (CNBC)

Steve Wozniak started a new company called Efforce which combines blockchain and green tech.

Apple announces $549 AirPods Max noise-canceling headphones, coming December 15th - The Verge (Verge)

Effing Apple.

Huge drone set to launch satellites in mid-air (Tech Xplore)

Aevum wants to launch satellites from drones.

Cyberpunk 2077 Review (IGN)

Cyberpunk is amazing and a bit buggy, but mostly amazing.

As Deadline Lapses, Trump Administration Continues TikTok Talks (NY Times)

TikTok is still not banned. Go figure.

Uber abandons dreams of self-driving domination, sells self-driving unit (Ars Technica)

Uber gave up on developing self driving and instead became a minority shareholder in a company that might.

The FTC is suing Facebook to unwind its acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp (Verge)

The US Government wants a do-over on the Instagram and WhatsApp mergers.

Facebook hit with antitrust probe for tying Oculus use to Facebook accounts (TechCrunch)

Germany is looking at Facebook's merging accounts with Oculus.

Adobe just released the last Flash update ever (Verge)

Google's Pixel 2 has gotten its final update (Verge)

Both Adobe FlashPlayer and the Google Pixel 2 got their final updates this week. Only one of them was sad.

Strange object recaptured by Earth is 1966 booster rocket from Surveyor 2 (Ars Technica)

A rocket booster from the 1960's reentered Earth's orbit after floating in space for 60 years.

Marvel's Loki: Official Trailer (2021) - Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson (MARVEL YouTube)

Disney is cooking up a lot of new series in the Marvel and Star Wars universes and more.

Over 900 cars paid for each other's meals at a Dairy Queen drive thru in Minnesota (CNN)

900 cars paid it forward in a Dairy Queen Drive thru.

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