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LG Velvet Final Thoughts and Podcasting Defined

This week is a big show with not one, not two, but three top stories. First we ask the question, "what is a podcast?" It's a little meta, for sure. Then we take a good look at the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. Plus we have our final thoughts on the LG Velvet 5G and a look at LG of the future. It's a great show, so I hope you'll come along. wrote a piece criticizing podcasts trapped behind app or paywall silos and argues they shouldn't be called "podcasts" at all. We have...a different take.

Facebook is doing its best to get rid of the Oculus name because it hates solid branding.

Fitbit released a new health tracker that can detect your stress levels, giving you another thing to worry about.

It's just iOS users and the rest of the world now. There's a fracture in Fortnite and it's all everybody's fault.

Apple has every right to kick Fortnite out of the app store, but going after the Unreal Engine is going too far.

Smartphone sales dropped 20% year over year. iPhone sales did just fine.

Zoom suffered an outage from 8am until noon.

TikTok shut down its American operations while it waits to find out if it's going to get banned or not.

Surface Duo unboxings have dropped and Android Central's is one of my favorites.

LG has a new T-shaped phone on the horizon, but it's still more of a rumor at this point.

BLU is getting into the gaming scene with a new phone powered by a Helio G90T processor.

A startup is attempting to make everlasting batteries, and good luck to them.



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