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LG's Evolution: Velvety Smooth

Concept versus reality. That's the theme of this week's podcast. First, we take a look at the technology I took on vacation as opposed to what I actually used. Then, we look at the evolution of LG's dual screen cases from the LG V50 through the LG Velvet. Is the concept of the dual screen living up to reality?

CES 2021 will be an online only virtual event in 2021. This is big news and I'm thankful for it.

Amazon met with tech startups and then launched competing products to put them under.

The big winners and losers at the Tech CEO congressional hearing. Can we all agree that the winners were the ones with the money?

Here's the list of items I took on vacation, plus whether or not it got used.

LG V60 - Useful

The LG V60 was my primary phone on the trip. Used it for everything.

Took this laptop because I'm reviewing it. Used it on the trip up and the trip back.

Yes the cameras on the Galaxy S10 are amazing, but so are the V60's so it stayed in my bag.

LG Velvet - Useful

Got this the morning I left, so I took it along. AT&T was the only carrier that actually managed signal up there.

Yes, I used the DJI Mavic Mini, but not a whole lot. It was nice to take in some of the scenery, but it didn't live up to its potential.

Oculus Quest - Bubble

Similar to the Mavic, I used this, but not a whole lot. Would have been better off leaving it home.

iPad - Waste

No internet = useless. Stayed in my bag, sadly.

See above. It's a wonderful keyboard, but not useful in a cabin in the woods.

Canon T5i - Useful

This was an unexpected bonus. I took my DSLR to try some Astrophotography. I didn't do too badly, but it was definitely a learning experience. This link is to the latest generation of the camera.

(latest model - Canon T8i)

Total swing and a miss on this device. Should have taken it out on the boat for some nice smooth footage, but didn't. Eh well.

Had a screening of Hamilton on a rainy night on night. This was a unique way to watch it.

GoPro Hero 7 - Waste

Total waste on this one. You'd think a DSLR and two phones would have been a hint.

A surprising waste of space here. I ended up not watching a single TV show or movie, except for the aforementioned Hamilton. Whodathunkit?

Arguably the most useful thing I took. I read two full books over 4 days. One of which is below.

Brilliant and fascinating read from an astronomer who had a major hand in demoting Pluto.

Anker 10,000 - Waste

None of these battery packs were a waste, per se, but over the span of four days, most of which were spent at the cabin which had power, we just didn't need to charge.

This was one of two flashlights I took on vacation and it served its purpose admirably.



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