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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano Review: Featherweight Champion

This week, Adam has his full review of the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano. It's a featherweight laptop that weighs under two pounds. But it's tiny and powerful and fun to use. Adam digs into it and talks about what it's like to use a laptop that you can't feel in your bag. Plus we have a reliable Tech Yeah item from Hoo Too #DongleLife (Twitter)

38-second video showing how very VERY empty MWC2021 was.

Samsung gives Wear OS a One UI makeover ahead of Galaxy Watch launch (Android Central)

Samsung gave us a bit more detail about its upcoming collaboration with Google concerning smartwatches.

Elon Musk speaks at MWC about Starlink: How to rewatch his announcement (CNET)

On day 2 of MWC, we got a keynote from Elon musk talking about starlink and global connectivity.

Lenovo's brawny Yoga Tab 13 debuts in the US (Android Authority)

Lenovo launched 5 new tablets at MWC including a 13" tablet that doubles as a portable monitor.

TCL Mobile Launched New Products at MWC 2021 (TCL)

TCL launched several products at MWC including 140" display glasses and a kids smartwatch.

TCL announces US availability for 20 Pro 5G, 20S and 20 SE (GSMArena)

TCL also announced a trio of smartphones in the form of the TCL 20SE, TCL 20S, and the TCL 20 Pro 5G.

Qualcomm does the bare minimum for the new Snapdragon 888 Plus SoC (Ars Technica)

Qualcomm unveiled the snapdragon 888+ which Ars Technica describes as "the bare minimum upgrade" for the new processor.

Pentagon won't rule out aliens in long-awaited UFO report (BBC)

The US government released a report on 144 incidents from the last 20 years of UFOs and couldn't rule out aliens.

YouTube TV Adds 4K Package, 5.1 Dolby Audio & More Ahead Of Tokyo Olympics (Deadline)

Youtube TV has the balls to jack up its rates even further this week by tacking on an additional $20 month if you have the audacity to want 4K streams.

Hundreds of users sue Korean carriers over disappointing 5G service (Android Authority)

520 people in Korea are suing the main three phone companies there saying that the carriers are offering incomplete 5G services because their 5G sucks.

Hackers use zero-day to mass-wipe My Book Live devices A zero-day vulnerability (Bleeping Computer)

Hackers used a zero-day exploit to wipe Western Digital MyBook drives.

iPhone 12 Series Sales Cross 100 Million Mark Within 7 Months of Launch (Counterpoint Research)

Apple surpassed 100 million iPhone 12s sold since their debut 7 months ago.

Watch a police officer admit to playing Taylor Swift to keep a video off YouTube (Verge)

Cops have started playing Taylor Swift when talking to people to avoid people posting those videos to YouTube.,

NASA still trying to identify what took Hubble offline (Ars Technical)

The Hubble Telescope is broken, and NASA is not sure it can be recovered.

Blue Origin flight: Wally Funk, 82, to join Jeff Bezos space flight

Jeff Bezos will take a woman Astronaut hopeful from the 1960's into space with him...

Richard Branson will fly into space on July 11, beating rival Jeff Bezos by 9 days - CBS News

...but it looks like Richard Branson will beat Bezos into space.

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