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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold Review: Fun and Flawed

This week, I've got my full review of the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold. This is the most fun laptop I have ever used. It's so versatile and so unique I can't help but gush. But it's also a bit flawed. Some of it was unavoidable, but some mistakes were entirely avoidable. I'm digging deep on this review to find all the ways this laptop is awesome, and some ways version 2.0 can be better.

Tech Yeah!

Poetic cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Boston Dynamics has a new robot, this one for sucking boxes.

T-Mobile is sliding into Google's DMs a little bit.

After just five months, T-Mobile decided that TV is hard.

Amazon's PR Twitter account got a little saucy. So saucy, that it thought it had been hacked.

Thirty. One. Pages.

Google is very concerned about COVID-19 so it won't be joining MWC this year.

Google is not worried about COVID-19 at all since it's forcing employees back into the office this September.

Google might be hopping on board the silicon train by building its own processor for the Pixel 6.

Xiaomi released a super high-end Mi 11 Ultra with 120X space zoom.

Xiaomi announces the Mi Mix Fold, its first folding phone Oh, and Xiaomi also has a folding phone now that looks a lot like...a competitor.

April Fools prank went wrong, but Volkswagen REALLY committed to the bit.

MKBHD pulls off the best April Fools day prank and it's not even close.



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