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Lenovo invasion!

Image source: Lenovo

This week, Cliff and I sit down to chat about a pair of Lenovo laptops we've each been testing. Cliff has been putting the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 6 through its paces, while I have been working with the ThinkPad Carbon Gen 9. Both of these laptops are a plus-up from the previous computers we tested and they are strong candidates for our next laptops.

Plus, I take a look at a couple of mophie accessories, the Snap+ Wireless vent mount charger and the Snap adapters.

T-Mobile says recent data hack exposed over 47 million people's info ( Android Authority)

It's actually up to 53 million now.

Samsung is removing those pesky ads from native apps (

Samsung Phones have had ads that pop up in the notification shade for years….until now!

Qualcomm Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders Review: An Expensive Test (SlashGear)

Reviews dropped for Qualcomm's $1,500 phone.

Google Pixel 5a review: Better battery, better price, same great phone (Android Central)

It's hard to write a review for a new phone that's basically been out for a year.

Saygus CEO charged with fraud, has more lawsuits than released phones (Android Authority)

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin sues NASA, escalating its fight for a Moon lander contract (Verge)

Jeff Bezos is suing NASA for not picking its contract.

Xiaomi sold 200 thousand tablets in 5 minutes, its Mi Pad 5 could unseat Apple's iPad and Samsung (

No, it can't.

Windows 11 Doesn't Want You Changing the Default Browser (Lifewire)

Here's hoping you really REALLY like Edge.

Tesla is actually going to make a 'Tesla Bot' humanoid robot for general purpose use (Electrek)

Tesla introduced a robot it wants to build by next year. That won't happen.

If NASA's Perseverance Mars rover used Google Photos, it would look like this

Someone made u pa video that shows what a Google assistant video for the mars rover would look like and it's awesome.

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