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Jason Howell, live to tape! (but also heavily edited)

This week, Adam is talking to Jason Howell from the TWiT network. Of course, you'll have to take our word for that because Adam forgot to turn on his camera. Jeez. Jason is the host of the All About Android podcast (among others) and there's one key difference between that show and this one - AAA is live. So I wanted to talk to Jason about those differences and how to embrace the faith in the process.

BTW: In my intro, I said AAA is Tuesdays at 8:00 PT. It's actually 8:00 ET. We regret the error.

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Someone modded a GameBoy camera to take telephoto and macro shots.

Joe Malozzi has been outlining what Season 6 of Stargate: Atlantis would have looked like.


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