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It's a Gamer's World. We're all just living in it

This week, we're talking to Marty Pirolli, who is the owner and operator of Gamer's World, a chain of gaming stores across the Chicagoland area. From trading cards to Dungeons and Dragons, Gamer's World has a little bit of everything. It's not very tech, but very nerdy, so that's why we talked to him.

Plus, this week we've got a giveaway from our friends at Lenovo. Find out how to enter, and get your geek on while you navigate the holiday shopping season. If you want to enter, write a review for this podcast at Apple Podcasts, Podchaser, Castbox, or Podcast Addict. Then take a screenshot and email it to contest (at) benefitofthedoud (dot) com.

Finally, Android and iOS can text each other and it'll actually make sense

The biggest independent tracking company is selling. Apple and Samsung have really put a hurting on them.

We're going to send a rocket to smash into an asteroid and change its course.

This is a new virtual phone museum and a particularly fine example of an ugly phone.

NFTs are moving into the music industry.

Apple is appling up the rollout of digital IDs.

Russia is "encouraging" tech first to open locations in Russia, so Russia can do Russia things.

The Earth has so much space junk, it's going to grow its own Saturn-like rings.

Want to get your kid a PS5? We've got a bot to sell you.



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