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iPhone 13 Pro Podcast Review: A modest upgrade

This week, Clifton M. Thomas and I get together to chat about the iPhone 13 Pro. Overall, it’s a minor upgrade over the previous generation, the iPhone 12 Pro. The screen size is the same, the notch is a bit smaller, and everything is just a bit better. Is it enough to justify an upgrade? Possibly, but only if you can sell your iPhone 12 Pro for an amazing price, which I did.

Plus for Tech Yeah, we’re looking at a charitable cause supported by one of Adam’s favorite Youtubers, Mark Rober. Welcome to #TeamSeas!

(November's membership will be donated to #TeamSeas)

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The Netflix of Games is….Netflix and it has launched…kinda.

Microsoft launched Microsoft Loop which is basically Google Wave plus ten years.

Facebook is removing all facial recognition data it has stored over the years amounting to about a billion people.

DJI launched (no pun intended) two new drones that are pretty awesome, but also really pricey.

So, AT&T and Verizon. You want to use that spectrum you just paid $70 billion for? Fine, but it's going to cost you.

An engineer made an iPhone with a USB C port. IT's on eBay for over $100,000. Seriously.

Twitter will now display previews of images shared from Instagram. This is the story of how that got worked out.



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