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Intelligent Transformation with Lenovo featuring Wahid Razaldi

This week, we have a Tech Yeah! Segment featuring our friends from Zagg. Plus, we have an announcement about a new feature coming to our reviews. But our top story of the week is our interview with Wahid Rezali from Lenovo. Wahid has his finger in a lot of pies over at Lenovo, and isn't afraid to push boundaries beyond your typical consumer products. What drives Lenovo to play at the fringes? Find that out and more on this week's episode!

A Michigan environmental agency lost a drone to an eagle this week. That agency's name? E.G.L.E.

ZTE will ship the world's first mass-produced under-display selfie camera.

Beat Saber added 11 more songs that Adam can't do on Expert+ to its lineup.

If you want an Oculus, we sincerely hope you like Facebook because, well...

Picture Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" button combines with Netflix recommendations.

Apple threatened to pull Epic's developer license if they don't fall back in line. Strong arm much, Apple?

#1 on my wife's Hall Pass list is joining the cast of The Boys in Season 3.

Oracle has never had anything to do with any kind of social media...until now for some damn reason.

The phone company just will not die.

Fitbit claims that its wearables can detect irregularities in breathing and heart rate before a COVID-19 diagnosis.

Google went bye bye for a lot of people on Thursday.

Microsoft pulled crowd-sourced data for a suburb in Australia and one of the crowd had fat fingers.



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