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How Smart is Your Smart Home featuring John Velasco

This week, we have a pair of top stories. First, we take a tour around the Chicagoland area testing 5G from AT&T, Verizon, and T-mobile. Then, John Velasco, Senior Editor at Digital Trends talks about smart homes and smart home technology. How did we get here in smart home tech and what's coming next?

Spotify has stories now. They're only for musicians, but Spotify.

This monolith story just keeps going. A new monolith appeared in Romania.

Then the Utah monolith disappeared.

Then the Romainian monolith disappeared.

Then one appeared in California, but then that one disappeared too.

The US showed it could intercept an intercontinental missile, but that's actually bad news.

Wyze Watch (Wyze)

Wyze is coming out with a smart watch for just $20!

Good for Brazil.

MKBHD ran his annual blind smartphone test and once again had some surprising results.

Amazon wants to get on the podcast train!

A major, zero-click exploit in iPhones (since patched) was found. It was huge!

Qualcomm unveiled its next generation processor, the SnapDragon 888



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