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Finding photographic faux pas featuring (Michael) Fisher of TheMrMobile

This week we're pulling back the curtain on another aspect of reviewing - photography. One of our jobs as reviewers is to properly evaluate the camera on a phone, and to do that, we often have to put ourselves in challenging photographic situations. So I sat down with Michael Fisher to talk about it, and where he goes to evaluate the cameras he tests.

Amazon will leave remote work decisions to individual team leaders in new policy twist (Geekwire)

Amazon will let team leaders decide how to return to work in a post-COVID world.

The 20 Most Fantastic James Bond Gadgets (Digital Trends)

James Bond has an illustrious history of gadgets with deadly tricks up their sleeves. Here are Digital Trends' favorites.

Cops really do use warrants to track down people Googling suspect terms (Inputmag)

Police officers used a secret warrant to get Google to hand over people who are searching terms related to human trafficking.

Google Plans Major Revamp of iOS Apps (Lifewire)

Google is going to start playing nice with iOS.

Palm teases its return with AirPods-looking earbuds (Slash Gear)

Palm looks like it'll be releasing a set of earbuds.

Anker launches stylish Soundcore Frames with 'surround sound' for $200 (Android Central)

Anker is launching a new set of SoundFrames. Could be cool, but what happens when you have to take them off?

OnePlus 9RT launched: Flagship OnePlus power for under $600 (Android Authority)

OnePlus launched a follow up to the OnePlus 9R, but only for the China market for now.

Some Android Phones Will Track You No Matter What (Lifewire)

You know how you can tell Android not to send data back to its parent company? Well…

Of Course Microsoft Left a Glaring Typo in Windows 11 Paint (Review Geek)

Winnndows left a couple of minnnor issues in Microsoft Painnnt.

How Tesla’s ‘Self-Driving’ Beta Testers Protect the Company From Critics (Vice)

Tesla's Terms of Service for its self-driving beta have some…accusations that we at the podcast took umbrage of.

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