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Examining the Samsung Galaxy S21 Family with Hayato Huseman of Android Central

This week, we get a quick preview of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Our review is coming in a few weeks, but Hayato Huseman has finished his review for Android Central, and he's here to tell us all about it! How great is the Ultra? How black is that black that Samsung was so proud of? You'll get all those answers and more here on the Benefit of the Doud podcast!

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Digital Trends


Android Central


Reddit, Discord, and Robinhood are driving Wall Street pretty crazy right now.

SpaceX launched 143 satellites into orbit making it the largest number of satellites ever launched at once.

Download and sideload some apps, and you can go, go, go!

Embedding code on a website just encourages people to look into the code on websites.

Verizon is installing "ground furniture" in front of people's houses like it's no big deal. IT's a big deal.

Glucose monitoring may come to Apple and Samsung watches very soon.

Magnets in the back of the iPhone are very bad for pacemakers.

The Moto Edge S is the first Snapdragon 870 smartphone and it's coming to China

Sony introduced its Xperia Pro phone which is honestly the first ever Pro phone that's actually for pros.




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