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Everything Has Changed

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Two phones change everything for Adam. The LG Wing and the iPhone 12 Pro both defy expectations and smartphone workflow. For better or for worse? Adam has some thoughts on that. Plus we sit down with a company called IMINT to talk about Vidhance and Electronic Image Stabilization and how they make smartphone videos better.

YouTube seems to be just fine with far right wing creators publishing lies and misinformation, following the US Presidential election.

That's a very good question. Here's one that's been working for far...

That's right, humans have been living and working in the ISS almost long enough to be of drinking age.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE now has a 256 GB model for $70 more.

Raspberry Pi built one of its circuit boards into a keyboard and voila! New personal computer.

When you plug in the Pixel 5, it automatically becomes a Qi charging pad.

LG recevied a patent for a phone with a rolling display that extends out of both sides of the device!

XBox series X and S reviews dropped today, and Ars Technica has a good look at both.

Paul Blart may be flying drones to guard the mall instead of Segways.

DJI Mini 2 (Drone Rush)

DJI released a new version of the Mini Drone with a better camera and better flight range for only $50 more. Pick one up at Amazon.



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