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Episode 2: Escape with SwanVR

Updated: Apr 20, 2020


Image credit: LIV on YouTube

This week, the news is all over the place. Google cancels Google I/O, phones hacked by ultrasonic waves, and getting a job going to space. Coronavirus is starting to creep in and start taking over. Not cool, COVID-19. But even that virus can’t stop companies from making announcements, so check them out in the links below. Plus, tune in to the podcast to find out about SwanVR and her viral video “Escape With Me." 

News of the week

Google I/O 2020 in-person events canceled due to coronavirus fears ( Another major conference goes down to COVID-19.

OnePlus will make a ‘surprise’ announcement on March 3 ( They made their announcement. It was stupid.

Pixel Slate fire sale sees $300-$700 price drop, free pen, free keyboard ( A fire sale on the Pixel Slate brings the pricing down to where it should have started in the first place.

SETI@Home Is Over. But the Search for Alien Life Continues ( The search for Thanos continues, but not from home. But there’s still a ton of data to go through.

You could get $25 from Apple if you owned an iPhone 6 and Apple slowed it down.

Ultrasonic Waves Can Make Siri Share Your Secrets ( Leave your phone on a table and unhearable ultrasonic waves can trigger your assistant without your knowledge.

New features coming to Google Pixel ( – Google) Google Pixel did a new feature drop, but only for your Pixels.

NASA is now accepting applications for new astronauts ( It’s like, but for the ISS. Not really…

Oppo Reno 3 Pro announced: All the megapixels, all the cameras ( Lots of cameras on this bad boy, but it’s not for the US. Sad face.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review—I think I hate flip phones ( Ars Technica examines the point of foldables – just why?

TCL’s rollable concept phone is magical ( Holy cow this phone.  I want it hard.

Twitter is testing ephemeral tweets in Brazil and calling them "fleets” Fleets are instagram/snapchat/facebook stories. Now on twitter.  Amazing…except not.

Sonos kills its device-bricking ‘recycle mode’ Sonos gets rid of what was a dumb idea to begin with.

YouTube Demonetizes ‘Coronavirus’, Prompting Creators to Tiptoe Around Certain Recent Events If you have important information about Coronavirus, you won’t get paid by YouTube. Peachy.


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