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Dueling Lenovos

This week, Cliff and Adam have their reviewer hats on for a pair of Lenovo laptops. Cliff has the Lenovo L13 Yoga, and Adam has the Thinkbook 14 Gen 2 with AMD Ryzen 5. The laptops are very similar to each other, with the obvious exception of the processor. The two laptops are different from each other in other ways too. The Yoga has a built-in stylus which artist Cliff is able to utilize quite well. Meanwhile, the Thinkbook has a surprising amount of horsepower, perfect for a podcaster.

Tech Yeah!

I watched Nobody. Awesome movie! Rent it here.

OnePlus watch reviews came out last week. It wasn't awesome.

Software rumors! Which feature will survive?

Ingenuity flew for the first time on Mars. It's a new world.

Perseverenace's MOXIE made 5 grams of Oxygen on Mars.

SpaceX will deliver the next humans to the moon, and one of them will be a woman.

Russia will pull out of the ISS by 2025 so it can launch its own station by 2030.

Apple launches Air Tags, a Tile competitor.

Tile was not happy.

Apple announced Apple Card Family so your teenagers can use an Apple card.

Apple is launching podcast premium subscriptions.

Hey - a purple iPhone. Woot.

Apple launched a new Apple TV that's still too expensive.

M1 chip in all the things!


Lego is launching a new R2D2 set for $200.

This is awesome and adorable.

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Jun 17, 2021

Our crew got solid hands-on experience creating top-notch Concept, 2D, and 3D Art for various game genres and styles: from cards for fantasy tabletop games and low poly models to high poly stylized and realistic buildings and characters. From inception, through concepting and prototyping to release and post release support - we are always with you.

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