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Douding Thomas Monthly Recap: May 2021, Google I/O and David Ruddock of Android Police

This month, nothing happened. Except for Google I/O, so we brought David Ruddock on to chat about that, and a few other stories that hit the wires during the month. We chat about the keynote and Google's dominance in the automotive space, and Google's desperation in the wear space. Google and Samsung are getting into bed with each other hardcore, and they're taking us for the ride, and this is getting a little personal.

We also talk about the Starlink reviews that came out in May and Samsung's Upcycling program.

Stories discussed:

Android 12's radical new design, Wear OS brought back from the dead, and more: Every big Google I/O announcement

Get caught up on Google I/O with this 9-minute video Talking paper airplanes, Android, and more

Google is making it easier to delete your recent search history

Android Automotive is coming to a lot more vehicles this year — here's which brands are supporting it so far

Non-Google I/O -

Google is going to replace Google Discover on tablets with a new interface - probably Should have been at I/O?

Samsung will attend Barcelona's World Mobile Congress remotely

Starlink Reviews:

Starlink Home Internet review: The future looks bright, even in beta

Starlink review: dreams, not reality


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