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DJI is the new Huawei featuring Jonathan Feist of DroneRush

This week saw the release of new FAA regulations surrounding drones and drone [piloting. But it also saw DJI's inclusion on the United State entity list, which is the same list that got Huawei into such hot water. What does this mean for the dorne maker which comprises most of the consumer drone market? We look at that and more with Jonathan Feist of DroneRush!

The bombing in Nashville may have been partially fueled by 5G paranoia.

New FAA regulations may pave the way for drone deliveries.

Chris Davies at SlashGear has a full review of the LG Wing and it's a great read.

Xiaomi has the world's first Snapdragon 888 smartphone.

Flurry released the top ten smartphone activations for Christmas Day.

I mean, do I need to add to this?

Awesome video by some awesome tech at BoDy.

Mark Hamill finally got to Tosche Station to get his power converter.



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