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Crew in a Box featuring Ira Rosensweig

What do you do when you're a commercial and film director but the world is on lockdown? You send out a crew in a box! Crew in a Box is an all-in-one solution that features a 6K camera, lighting, teleprompter, and cellular connection so talent can film themselves along with a director, producers, and other stakeholders, even while locked down inside their homes. Plus, we take a long hard look at LG's possible departure from the mobile business.

Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 870 which seems to be a rebranded Snapdragon 865.

Speaking of the new processor, the Motorola Edge S will have it.

The White House updated its website and included commented code asking for people to apply for jobs.

Ajit Pai says 3Gbps uploads is fine for American households. He's wrong, and a dick, but mostly just wrong and mostly a dick.

SpaceX is looking at turning two oil rigs it purchased into water-based starship launch platforms.

Reviews have started to drop for the Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra and it's turning out to be a pretty good phone.

Google is shutting down it's Internet-from-the-sky program, Loon.

Google might pull its search engine from the entire country of Australia. That's a lot of Bing.

A grad student named Nick Sawhney created a website that puts the Bernie Sanders meme basically anywhere.

a game developer built a web app horizontal scroller that takes you on a tour through 2020 starting with wildfires in australia and ending with a vaccine

This just makes us sad.

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