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CES highlights!

Cliff and Adam get together to talk about the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that went on but was a lot smaller than usual. But it was still a really great show, with some really neat products. Cliff and Adam talk about their favorites listed below. We had the E-ink BMW, Sony's new concept car, the OnePlus 10 Pro, the Dell XPS 13 Plus, the Samsung Ark monitor, and Black and Decker's electronic drink maker.

Plus we have a tech yeah from Dell that has caused no end of hilarity on this podcast.

News of the week:

Spotify finally added ratings to podcasts! About damn time.

Spotify, the app that wants to be the king of podcasts, shut down its podcast studio. Umm…

Gates, Jobs, and Zuck are out. Elon is in.

Cats are snuggling into Starlink dishes to stay warm. D'awww.

Oh, the irony.

…and a fix won't be around until August. Ouch.

Want to move to Arkansas? I don't either but for $10K? Nahhh…

Isn't this really a step forward for the LAPD though?



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