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Catch Adam on All About Android!

Too much "A" in one sentence, we know. Adam had a great time on the All About Android podcast last night. All About Android is a weekly Android show running for over 9 years on the TWiT network. It's an amazing show, and you should check it out, and not just because Adam was on it.

Last night, Adam joined Jason, Flo, and Ron in talking about the Oppo Find X2, the Motorola Edge+, the Android 11 Developer Preview, and the Sprint T-Mobile merger killing Sprint 5G devices.

During the podcast, Adam mentioned that when Sprint rolled out 5G to Chicago, he had the opportunity to ask John Saw, Sprint CTO at the time about the new 5G network and whether the devices launching on Sprint would continue to work on the merged network. Here's what they had to say.

As mentioned on the podcast last night, there is an explanation. Simply put, T-Mobile ate up Sprint, not the other way around. It's not surprising if the winds changed. It is disappointing though.



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