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Cat S62 Rugged Smartphone Podcast Review: Getting down and dirty

This week, we're taking a look at the CAT S62 rugged smartphone. This is a phone that's just as tough as the trucks and forklifts that bear the CAT name. This phone can out up with dust, water, soap, chemicals and more. Simply put, it's a tough phone and I put it through its paces, mostly so I could see what was new in the rugged phone industry. Long story short, rugged phones are getting pretty decent. That's amazing news for those who work in hazardous environments.

I tested positive for the 'Rona. Here's my thread.

The Hubble lives!

NSO Group is an Israeli-based hacker-for-hire group with a zero-day, zero-click exploit that hack a phone with no problem.

Billionaire Jeff Bezos rode his gigantic space dick into the edge of space this week.

I said "Space dick" a month ago before it was cool.

Black Widow did great at the box office the first week, not so much the second.

We got more details into Netflix's gaming experiment.

Instagram added an offensive content soldier to its settings.

This week saw the release of the OnePlus Nord 2, a very capable midranger.

Content delivery network Akamai went down Thursday which took down sites around the world.

The WSJ looked into how the TikTok algorithm works.



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