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Amazon's fall showcase, and the Apple Watch SE minireview

This week we have a pair of top stories coming at you. First, Amazon gelled its annual fall event and dropped a ton of hardware, including drones, robots, video conference projectors, and more. A lot of it is by invitation only, so not awesome, but there is some cool tech in there.

Then we have a mini-review of the Apple Watch SE. This device has been absolutely eye-opening to me, and I'm going to tell you why.

Check out the Apple Watch SE on Amazon

Hey Wendy, why did you make a phone?

A Tesla on autopilot ran through five Texas police officers and the police are coming after Elon…'s wallet.

Facebook did research that said Instagram was terrible for teens, then lied about it to senators, and that's probably a bad thing, but so is our political system.

Reels are now on Facebook and seriously, what took so long?

Australia's court said media outlets are responsible for commenters on Facebook so CNN turned off its Facebook pages in Australia.

You know how you forget to charge your default search engine?

An Android trojan signs you up for a recurring subscription through your carrier. Check your phone bill.

The Book of Boba Fett has a release date - December 29th.

5 Midwestern governors agree to create a network to charge electric vehicles: (NPR) There's very little detail on what it is or how it'll be implemented.

This story is the very reason why I don't report on rumors.

Amazon held its annual Fall event and dropped a ton of hardware. The following are affiliate links:

This is a 15" Echo tablet that's designed to be hung on a wall.

This is the drone camera Amazon announced last year.

The Amazon Glow is a video chat device that projects an interactive game on the table in front of you to entertain the kidlets.

Amazon's new health wearable now has a screen and fewer sensors like microphones.

Blink has a new video doorbell for just $50 which is a crazy deal.

Amazon built a mini droid-like robot with a screen that can follow you around and do robot crap I guess.



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