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AAXA 4K1 review and Imposter Syndrome with Cameron Summerson

Image credit: Amazon

This week is a packed show. Cameron Summerson sits down with us to talk about Imposter Syndrome. That's a feeling of inadequacy that is crippling and also startlingly common in the tech industry. Next, I have my very first projector review. I've been writing about projectors for months, but now I get to put the AAXA 4K1 Projector through its paces. Add in news and a Tech Yeah, and you've got a lot to listen to.

Tech Yeah: Anker Power Strip

The new iPhone will be able to connect to satellites. And no one really knows why.

Apple doesn't allow slack communities talking about pay equity, but does allow cat photos. That's weird.

Apple decided to take another look at its CSAM protections before causing millions of people to cancel iCloud.

Apple's Digital ID in your iPhone wallet rolled out to eight states initially.

LinkedIn apparently had stories, and now they're gone. Who knew?

Google might get rid of the OK G hot word for some basic commands.

Windows 11 is getting Android app support, but not this year.

Twitch users walked out on the platform for a day to show that haters and trolls suck more than ever.



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