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9 Cases, 30-Second Reviews

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

In this week's video, we take a look at nine cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. We have a selection of cases from our friends at Gear4 and Incipio. A good case helps you keep your phone safe and keeps it stylish. Finding the right case will protect your investment and give you peace of mind. So we have a selection of cases for you along with quick summaries for each.

Griffin 15W Charging Pad

This is a neat charging pad with silicon on both sides. It charges at 15 Watts and has a peculiar ring of squares around the periphery that disappointingly don't light up.

Griffin 20W Charger

This is a straight-up 20 W wall charger. This one shipped with a lightning cable, but you can buy just the charger.

Gear4 Havana

This is a translucent case, tinted black, with ribs on the outside. Cutouts are nice, the case has a great hand feel. It's been my daily case since day 1.

Gear4 Crystal Palace

I love clear cases because they allow you to keep your phone nice while still enjoying the design of the phone.

Gear4 Denali

This is a solid black case with good button feel. I prefer more clear cases, but this is a nice solid color.

Incipio Survivor Strong - Clear

Another nice clear case, with a microdot pattern on the inside to prevent fingerprints. The cutout has an angular pattern to it, so it doesn't match the curve of the camera bump.

Incipio Survivor Strong - Black

Translucent black case with the same cutout issue as the case above. This is a close second for my favorite case.

Incipio Duo Case

Dual-layered protection with a TPU inner sleeve and hard polycarbonate outer shell. Very nice case with good button feel.

Incipio Grip Case

Fun case made with sturdy TPU with a grip pattern along the sides making your phone really easy to hold.

Incipio Kate Spade Case

The case that almost made me lose my phone. Designed by Kate Spade, this case has white flowers on a clear case which looks great against the black phone. Gems line the inner parts of the flowers. Very pretty design overall.

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